4.101  Established.
4.102  Membership. Terms. Compensation.
4.103  Meetings
4.104  Reports
4.105  Function and Authority
4.106  Review by Town Council
4.107  Interference with Commission
4.108  Utility Exemption
4.109  Definitions
4.110  Prohibited Acts


4.201.   Penalty.



4.101.        ESTABLISHED.

There is hereby created and established a Campobello Community Development Committee hereinafter called
“Committee”, when appointed.


a.         Membership shall consist of at least five (5) members.

b.         Members shall be appointed for three year staggered terms by the Council and the terms shall expire in
each even numbered year. A member shall continue to serve until his successor is appointed and qualifies.

c.         Committee members shall serve without compensation. Any member who resigns shall be replaced by
appointment by the Council for the un-expired term of that member.

4.103.        MEETINGS.

a.         The Committee shall meet each year to organize and elect from its group a Chairperson, Vice-
Chairperson, Secretary and Chairperson of Publicity. Officers shall serve for one year. The Committee shall meet
on call by the Chairperson. In his absence, the Vice-Chairperson may call such meetings.

b.         The Chairperson may appoint such temporary committees from within or outside the membership of the
Committee as may be deemed necessary to effect the functions of the Committee.

c.         Minutes of meetings shall be kept in written form as a permanent record. Copies of minutes shall be made
available to the Town Council.

d.         Any member having three unexcused consecutive absences shall be automatically removed from the
Committee, and the unexpired term filled by appointment by the Council.

e.         Robert’s Rules of Order shall be followed as a procedure guide for all meetings. A quorum shall consist of
a majority of the members of the Committee, and a quorum shall be present to conduct business.

4.104.        REPORTS.

The Committee shall report at least annually to the Council as to the activities, programs and needs of the
Committee and shall make such other reports as may be requested by Council.


a.         The function of the Committee shall be to promote compliance with all environmental projects of the town;
to determine and promote ways for making its highway approaches thereto and the surrounding areas more
attractive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye; to encourage specifically the preservation, protection and
replacement of trees, flowers and shrubs within the city and prevent their unnecessary destruction pursuant to the
general police powers of the town.

b.         The Committee shall study and compile its financial needs and each year shall recommend an annual
budget to the Council and, upon approval thereby, shall help implement same. The annual budget may include
both operating and capital expenses. Budgeted revenue sources may include revenues from the town’s General
Fund, private donations and from any state or federal government grant programs and other sources. In
recommending the annual budget, the Committee may designate certain revenues to be used for designated
purposes and certain revenues set aside in a special account for future projects. The Council shall be furnished a
monthly report of the revenues and disbursements of the Committee as may be required by Council. All funds and
payment of bills for goods or services shall be approved by Council.

c.         The Committee shall not enter into any contracts involving financial liability or incur any indebtedness
except upon written authority from the Council; provided, however, the Committee may enter into agreements for
the purpose of affecting its objectives, when no liability of the city is involved.


The Council shall have the right to review the conduct, acts, proposals, recommendations, programs and
decisions of the Committee. Any person may appeal from any ruling or order of the Committee to the Council
which may hear the matter and make final decision.


It shall be unlawful for any person to interfere with the Committee, or any of its agents, while engaging in planting,
cultivating, mulching, pruning, spraying, or removing of trees on public or private grounds.

4.108.        UTILITY EXEMPTION.

Public and private utility companies shall be exempt from the provisions of this Chapter provided they file with the
Town Clerk the policies and procedures followed in their flower, shrub and tree trimming and removal practices
and provided a mutually acceptable standard is agreed upon by the utility and Council.

4.109.        DEFINITIONS.

For purposes of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply:

1.        Tree means any woody plant which:

a. Has a trunk four inches or more in diameter at four and one-half feet above the ground, or

b.        Is of horticultural or ornamental variety, including but not limited to dogwood, redbud, crab apple, buckeye
or holly and has a trunk diameter of three inches or more at one foot above the ground or a height of eight or
more feet.

2.        Tree Protective Zone means public property, including that owned entirely by any public body, or over
which it holds a right- of-way or easement on any street, road, park, mall or other public lands.

4.110.        PROHIBITED ACTS.

No person shall on public property, as commonly defined:

1.        Damage, cut, carve, abuse or harm any flower, shrub or tree or injure the bark of any tree;

2.        Pick the flowers or seeds of any flower, shrub or tree;

3.        Attach any rope, wire or other contrivance to any shrub or tree unless necessary for its support; or

4.        Trim, spray, plant, set out or remove flowers, shrubs or trees without obtaining prior written approval from
the Committee or its  designated representative.

5.        The planting of trees and shrubs are hereby prohibited on street right-of-way in The Town of Campobello
without first obtaining a written permit from the Town Clerk. No permit will be issued until the type, size and
location of the tree or shrub is determined and it is determined that the same will not obstruct sight distance at
any intersection. When any street or road under the control of the South Carolina Department of Highways and
Public Transportation is involved, its concurrence shall be required.


4.201.        PENALTY.

Any Violation of this chapter shall be deemed a misdemeanor, punishable by  the Municipal Court.
(1976 SC Code §5-7-30, §14-25-65)